Last day with the McKay group and we sent Rusty off with style. With all the cooperative steelhead of late, I have been salivating to get out and swing. Rusty having never swung a fly before was up for learning something new and the challenge of taking a steelhead on the swing. Rusty took quickly to the delivery of the fly and without hesitation stayed the course, even while knowing a nymphed egg pattern would surely produce in these waters more easily, he stayed the course. It wasn’t long and Rusty would come to find out just how special a steelhead on the swing can be.  After an epic strike and aerial battle, we netted Rusty’s first steelhead on the swing; I am not sure who was smiling more, me or Rusty, but sharing someones first steelhead on the swing never gets old–its just awesome! Congratulations Rusty, welcome to the the fraternity!

Capt. Steven Kuieck