Today, was day one of three with the McKay group from Chicago. Key to success of late is to find a hot hen, and the action will likely be good. Without an active hen and her attendant males, though, it gets tough. We searched and searched for a couple of hours to find the right set-up, but when we found it, Bill and Boyd got it going very well with double digit hook-ups and multiple fish boated. For Bill, the entire scene was new, but he continued to work on his casting throughout the day and by days end, he was laying out some nice casts, managing his drifts well, and fighting fish to the net. I admired his persistence and found myself thinking it must contribute significantly to his success as a Federal Court defense attorney. Pictured is Bill’s first King, and while it is a “mature” fish, it gave a very good account for itself. Boyd, an experienced fly fisherman and Muskegon River regular, put on a fish hooking clinic for us, including on the hen he holds. It’s great to see the group include new guys so that their fly fishing the Muskegon can continue year after year. Thanks much men: I’m looking forward to hosting two more members of your group on Thursday.

Captain Tom Kuieck