Another gorgeous day on the Muskegon! Mark brought his good friend John, who, while an experienced steelhead and salmon river fisherman, was new to the fly rod. After a morning of “C & D,” which netted some fish, we switched to indicator fishing with the 11′ switch rod and floating line. Both Mark and John caught on quickly, and soon we were into fish. The river is low, and the salmon boat shy so wading is an effective means to approach the fish and present the flies. We’re all hoping that the cooler weather and moisture due tomorrow will help the salmon feel more comfortable over gravel. As for the two buddies, they had a great time, as did I; both should be pleased with how well they cast, managed line, and fought fish. Thanks, guys, for a most enjoyable day! Hope we can do it again!  Pictured are Mark and John with a couple of the salmon they landed today.

Tom Kuieck