Once again today with long-time clients Don and Mike, I was reminded how privileged we RVRQST guides are to host such terrific people—people who care about others, their families, their communities, their quality of life, and yes, the quality of the sport they love: fly fishing.  Once can’t help but be impressed with a guy who cast nearly flawlessly time after time, only find that on one particular cast, the dreaded bird’s nest of running line reared its ugly head as a steelhead, some 8-12 lbs. flashed, twisted, and streaked down river.  “I have to bust him off or I’ll break the rod!” exclaimed Don.  I had to agree and “Snap!” there went the best fish of the day.  But here’s the deal:  no whining, no pouting, no “It always happens to me.”  No, Don handled it with the epitome of class.  Indeed, he cheered on Mike who learned to cast an indicator on the switch rod, hooked a salmon on his own, and landed it, albeit with Don’s assistance, his flies festooned to Mike’s indicator.  In short, a superb day with two wonderful guys.  Shown is Mike with his first buck and the two guys with Mike’s team-landed indie buck.  Thanks much, guys!  I truly hope we can fish together again.

Captain Tom Kuieck