Bill Sidor and his two son-in-laws  Joe and Jeff, along with his grandson Josh (Joe’s oldest son) joined Fred and I on the Muskegon yesterday for their annual boys trip. Fishing was tougher due to the very warm temperatures and sunny skies. Bill and Josh fished with me in the morning and then Joe and Bill swapped for the afternoon.

My program for the day was really to give Josh (9yrs. old) every good set up we came across. Josh was able not only to handle a switch rod with ease but to hook 12 salmon and land 2. One of the salmon (pictured above) took him better than 30 minutes to land. This was a great accomplishment for Josh; the salmon weighed 20lbs on the boga. Josh is sure to be one of our future fly fisherman after a very successful day on the water with his family. His Grandpa and father could not have been more proud.

As many of you have read in the reports this year, I have been fishing the Sage Z-Axis 8110 almost exclusively for salmon and steelhead since March. I can now say with the most confidence that the Z-Axis 8110 is the best Great Lakes salmon and steelhead rod I have ever fished. Customers have absolutely no issues casting and handling big fish while making smaller fish still feel very sporty. This rod excels in every application that I have used it- standard C&D, traditional fly casting, and new age spey fishing techniques.

I recommend for the most versatility using this rod with the following for it’s corresponding techniques:

* Scientific Anglers Sharkskin Magnum taper WFF 9

* Rio Skagit 475gr. Short Head spey line

* and what ever C&D line you like.

This rod has yet to let me down in any circumstance; whether a nine year old boy casting indy’s to spawning salmon or a seasoned spey caster swinging 12-14ft of T-14 this rod will do it all!

Tight lines,

Capt. Steven Kuieck