Captain Steve has the report of the day with his having taken his two youngest sons fly fishing on the Muskegon.  Love those grandsons!

My two guys, Dave and Tom, friends and colleagues from my past professional life, stressed that they weren’t so interested in boating a bunch of salmon, as they were in soaking up some superb atmospherics, free from the madding crowd.  And so it was.  The Muskegon has fishable numbers of salmon in it, but they are scattered and skittish to the max in the low water stretches.  The guys had their chances, though, with Tom boating what—shall we say—was a “mature” hen and losing a fast, fresh fish when it wrapped him in some stick-ups after a prolonged battle.  As the pictures attest, however, today was all about catching up, laughing more than I have in a long time, and occasionally remembering that usually when one goes fishing, one is obliged to make a cast or two—which the guys did—all the while taking some time-outs, highlighted by a tour of the Muskegon River Lodge led by none other than Captain Steve and his two guys, Zachery and Brycen.

Thanks, guys!  Each time we fish together, it reminds me of the great times we had working together as educators.  You’re the best!

Captain Tom Kuieck