Calling all ladies!

To the fairer sex, why sit at home and let your guy have all the fun?  For Jim and Mary, it’s just the opposite:  he’s the hunter; she’s the gung-ho fisherman.  Mary and Jim have C&D’d with me in the past so today it was time to move Mary and Jim up the fly fishing taxonomy to learn how to cast the fat lines with indicators loaded on switch rods.  Mary and Jim alternated, fishing one at a time, and Jim, forever the perfect gentleman, insisted on Mary’s learning to cast first and continuing to cast until she brought a King to hand.  And so soon she did; she laid out some wonderful line, mended it well, and, “Hello!” fish on!  I’ve had some fast learners in my boat, but Mary set a new standard today with her casting, line management with multiple mends, and fish fighting prowess. What a total gas for me to watch her cast so beautifully and effectively!  Better yet, she announced at days end that she is now wants to learn how to fish dry flies via a float trip in June.  I have no doubt, she’ll smoke dry fishing as well.

Jim, on the other hand, like most guys, found he had to back off the power, load the rod, and let it do its thing.  Soon, though, he, too, was fast to a streaking salmon. Great job, Jim!

So, ladies:  follow Mary’s lead and get into fly fishing!  She once again demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt what we guides already know to be true:  fly fishing is for everyone!

Thanks, Mary and Jim for an extraordinarily enjoyable experience.  I will remember this one for a long, long time.

Captain Tom