Jim and Chris from Chicago joined me for a day of fly fishing for Chinook salmon today.  Although fewer fish were in evidence compared with earlier in the week and despite the fact that we spent much of our day searching and searching for fish, the guys got it done.  Chris had fished with Captain Don on the Manistee previously, but for Jim it was all new.  I was impressed with how well both guys cast and managed line, and absolutely amazed at how quickly they picked up indicator fishing.  Excellent job, guys!  Jim was so taken with the fishing that he asked for a fly rod recommendation because he now wants to get into the sport we love!  You will never regret it, Jim!  Then, too, both guys love the out-of-doors, and their appreciation for the uniquely beautiful resource that the Muskegon River is contributed to what was a most enjoyable day for yours truly.  Pictured top to bottom are Jim with a hen and ditto for Chris.  Thanks, guys!  Hope we can do it again soon.

Captain Tom Kueick