Well I am sorry to say that I have been slacking with the daily reports. My internet connection here in the North is less than ideal.

Dean Weerstra joined me with his buddy Dale today.  Dean and company enjoyed numerous hook ups with several making their way to the net. “Pete” its going to be a long fall for you…. Salmon that are present in the system are fast making their way to the gravel. I was able to make out to the big lake last night to see that most of the fish remain in the big lake or the inlets to the river. I saw nearly 50 boats trolling of the mouth- crazy!! With the salmon on the gravel beautiful trout along with a few steelhead and coho salmon are starting to feast on the eggs. Therefore egg flies will start to be a necessity. Water levels are very conducive to floating lines with only minimal weight needed to reach most of the fish.

Tight lines,