Salmon season is here!

Salmon started to enter the lower Manistee Thursday into Friday last week as the North winds rolled the lake. Doug Derienger and his father and son joined me today and again tomorrow on the lower river. The salmon have eat n’ their Wheaties this summer as the 5 we had today totally kicked our @#$. Ron who has partial paralysis in his arm from a medical condition was allowed to use conventional tackle to accommodate the clamp needed to hold his rod. Kyle and Doug dawned 10 wts and 400gr sinking line for some “put up or shut up” streamer fishing. Ron was able to tie into 2 as were Doug and Kyle. Though the strikes were “epic” the fights were short ending in some choice words and a sense of urgency to repeat with the next casts.

With the peak streamer conditions happening now through the middle of next month make sure to book your date! I have some short term dates both this week and next for your immediate bookings. Don and Fred both have “prime time ” salmon dates on the Manistee and Muskegon Rivers for your fall fly fishing needs.

Pictures tomorrow!

Tight lines,

Captain Steven Kuieck