I could make this report really short and just sum it up with a resounding “WOW”! That’s really it………but since you know I cant let anything go; I will just say that the last two days have been extraordinary! Dr. Scott Smith and Bob Linsenman should have had celebrity “add on” status given to them at the MLB Home Run Derby- after their performance they could have easily hit balls out of the park. Pictured above is Dr. Smith with his personal best Atlantic to date and Bob (lower). If you would like to try to make it out yet this season please drop us a call or email; this season is on track to be one of the best ever!

Capt. Steven Kuieck

note: a fellow guide on the river asked if we were shooting a “fish porn” photo shoot with all of the photography the past couple of days….pretty awesome! Should you care to hit the “Holy Waters” or the “Trophy Waters” on the Au Sable River give Bob a call- he’s a fantastic guide, author,and friend!