Last night on the river was one of the “made to order” evenings for dry fly fishing on the Muskegon. Jon Rudolph and Wayne Blessing joined me for what we hoped would turn out to be a great big fish bug night. Small trout were on the take; trick-or-treats, and articulated fatheads brought many small fish out. Sulfers, caddis, Isonychia, and Gray drakes filled the air quite late. With the number of Iso’s we had in the air it was only  matter of time before a big fish showed but as is the case with bugs and fish it was just not in the cards. Small fish were frequent risers but with big fish as the goal we chose to watch the little fish play in hope of that one good shot at a good one. Last night was perfect but the fish and the bugs thought different- can’t catch’em if you’re not on the water…….

Tight lines,

Captain Steven Kuieck