Remarkably cool weather has gripped us for the last couple of evenings on the MO’; though the 60 degree temps sure make it pleasant on the water the bugs seem a bit miffed. Minimal Gray Drakes last night combined with the off color water which rose again provided us the option of extremely good streamer conditions. Caddis, sulfers, and a daily increase in isonychia’s provide a sense of anticipation of warmer weather and cleaner water.

Jeff leinigers group was with us both last night and tonight had no trouble excepting the streamer challenge of “put-out or get-out” style of fishing. The group of guys in my boat were rewarded in some fantastic charges of some very large browns that just wanted that streamer out of their territory. Small trout were easy pickings but the big guy’s just made us wish- one particular brown that surely would have been our x-mas card fish pushed 30″ and gave a violent chase twice left me and my guy’s in awe.  Large Articulated Fat-heads, Swimmy Jimmys, and T&A Bunkers did the job on 300gr streamer express lines. Pictured is Marty with a huge Muskegon River smallie that I was sure was going to be a huge brown by the fight.

Tight lines,

Captain Steven Kuieck