Renowned fly fisherman Dr. Scott Smith joined me today on what would turn out to be a very electrically charged wet day. Perfect condition greeted us this morning- warm and humid with good surface activity right off the get go! A fair sized mayfly about 10% smaller than a gray drake was providing the morning feast; after careful inspection the best fit in identification looks to be Leptophlebia-cupida-Black Quill. I have been seeing these flies everyday now for about a week with a decent spinner fall around mid-morning. The hatch today did not have much of a chance to really get going once the big storms moved in. Swimming streamers slowly in the newly colored water payed off with some very nice smallies and a couple of misses on some really nice browns; articulated fat-heads and Conrad sculpins brought most of the play. We did nymph a magnificent brown that went air-born and gone….I will replay this fish a few times in my dreams! Pictured is Dr. Smith with one that stayed hooked.

Tight lines,