When daughter Julie asked me if I would take her fly fishing, I was pumped.  Julie’s completed a couple of college degrees, and now is a registered nurse for Spectrum so she’s been one busy girl, the result of which has been limited one-on-one time for the two of us.  So off to the MO we went for some pre-Fathers Day bonding.

As you can see from the photos, we had a great time:  grilled salmon and veggies in butter, some fruit of the vine, and great atmospherics.  Toss in an osprey, an adult bald eagle flying low and very close to us, two mink, a raccoon, and herons battling for prime fishing spots, and one has the makings of a major memory.  Per their recent shyness, the larger trout played hide and seek, but the small fish rose continuously the entire time we were on the river.  Jay Allen’s tan cut-wing caddis vacuumed the trout off the top, and the beadhead caddis Julie swung seduced its share as well.  No drakes or Isos above Pine Street landing where we fished emerged or fell. Shown is Julie holding her first trout on the fly in a long, long time.  In short, an absolutely wonderful evening on the river for dad and daughter.

Captain Tom Kuieck