Two guys who are professional colleagues and hunting and fishing buddies to boot! Tom and Wade had been following River Quest via our daily posts and decided to give us a call to take a crack at those Muskegon River Steelhead they had been seeing our clients holding. Both love the outdoors, and while each had used a fly rod for bluegills, chasing steelhead with the long rod would be an entirely new experience. But catch on they did with hookups coming frequently enough to keep us on our toes with every drift. Peach egg flies, stone flies, chartreuse caddis, and the Antron Hex turned the trick with more and more of our resident trout taking our flies. Pictured below is one of the rainbows that was darting in and out of the steelhead taking eggs and insects. We C&D’d the fish during the morning and shifted to indicator fishing with the new 11′ Sage switch rods, which Steve referenced in a recent post. The rods are a delight to cast, and both guys ran some sweet drifts past the steelhead with hookups the result. All in all, for two rookies, Tom and Wade were among the fastest learners I’ve had the privilege to guide. Both are now deeply hooked on fly rodding for steelhead and are eager for more. Thanks guys for one wonderful day on the water. Left to right are Wade and Tom.

Tom Kuieck