The river remains quite high; water temperatures are flirting with that magical 40 degree mark. The river near the dam is running 38-39 degrees and the water a few miles down is 40 degrees in a few places. Steelhead are starting to spawn in the normal spots though sighting of them from a distance in nearly impossible due to the flow. I have had to resort to gravel fishing the last couple of days to find a “sure thing” for the customers. As the spring run builds the runs and pools should again be very productive. Dave, Fred, and myself had the Adam Williams group out today to celebrate the up coming wedding for Edward. Hey Ed….you better fish all week while you still can!!! I had a 6/8 day today which considering what it has been ranks “top” for me in a long while. Black stone flies and green caddis produced today while egg patterns only produced one fish today for us. Pictured is Tony with a sampling of our fish from today.


dscn0067.jpg The groom…???

Tight lines,