Economic Stimulus Plan

Dark water + meticulous drifts = Lots of Silver!!

Bob and Matt were ready to rock n’ roll after yesterdays dark water success. I was however a little skeptical after another massive low pressure system was sweeping through with dropping temperatures. Our econ plan however was unscathed! Much to our delight the dark water seams gave silver; another double digit day! I must say that with a lighter than normal fall/winter run of steelhead this spring migration is playing a very nice tune. While salmon numbers in the Great Lakes are in a state of change steelhead fishing just gets better and better. The fish are in exquisite condition both in size and health.

Today was the first day in a couple of seasons that I can honestly say the best fly of the day was a cross dresser fry pattern- the fish killed it all day long! Pictured are a couple of fantastic deep water fish!

Capt. Steven Kuieck