We’ve all told the “one that got away” tale a bunch of times. How about, though, the one that wouldn’t get away? Kevin, our website developer, and his buddy, Jack, joined me for a wild, windy, cold day on the Muskegon. It was a bizarre day of sorts—the wind, the cold after day after day of 70’s and sunshine, numerous fish that got away when the lower fly hung up on bottom, and a steelhead that wouldn’t go away! A battle scared male with a unique right gill plate and, a fish which obviously had lived and loved for some time, this steelhead took three different flies, in three different locations of the gravel and pools we fished, and came to the net three times! We got to know him so well, Kevin and Jack gave him a name—Horace. All in all, we had a good time with way more hookups than landings—with one notable exception: Horace. So, keep an eye out for Horace. He loves nuke eggs, Headbanger Hexs, and Saddleback Hexs. He is pictured below in three different poses, from left to right with Kevin, Jack, and Kevin. Thanks guys for a memorable day, and special thanks to you, Kevin, for doing such a superb job with our website.