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Well, things certainly have kicked into high gear on the Mo'. 15 guys on the river today with us and all were spoiled. Tremendous fishing like this comes with a cost–it's not always easy. Basing successes solely on numbers in the net will only set you up...

First Timers

Here's a plan: get married and take your new Father-in-Law on a fly fishing float trip.  Both Joe and Dave, the father-in-law, were new to fly rodding for steelhead, but both lit it up.  Despite dirty, high flows (though the MO is dropping daily), the...

Croton Dam, Day Two

Absolutely spectacular roaring blast of water and spray as the MO dumps literally tons of pent-up rainfall and snowmelt. This morning, RiverQuest guide Don Graham and I stood streamside witnessing this historic event first-hand, awed by the power and volume of the onrushing flow. ...