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Choral director, Dr. Bob Oster, and his best bud, bamboo rod maker, Ron Barch, struck some sweet chords today on the Muskegon River. With the river flow abating, off color water increasingly clear, and summer temps and sun marking the day, the guys flat-out had a...

Fish or Eat?

The spring steelhead run on the Muskegon River continues to build. Fish are holding in dark water, though some are now scouting spawning areas. Long time customers, retired detective Terry and nearly retired attorney Pat, worked the water full bore all day—even to the point of...

Neighbors Six

RiverQuest guides Don Graham, Jay Allen, and I had the pleasure of hosting the Murphy group—guys, who, I'm told, all live in the same Chicago neighborhood! Today, though, they found themselves in ours, and the steelhead rolled out a great welcome. After sampling Chef Jenn's...