Steelhead - RiverQuest Charters
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Mid October – Mid December

Fall and winter Muskegon River steelhead fly fishing is a particularly memorable experience because the steelhead, hard and chrome, fight even more spectacularly than the spring fish, which are challenging enough in their own right. Multiple water clearing leaps are common. Freed of the rigors of spring spawning, fall steelhead are among the best conditioned fish we pursue. We swing Spey flies on Skagit lines with two-handed rods. Strikes on large streamers are sudden and violent, making for spectacular action. If you have yet to swing streamers for fall steelhead, you really ought to give it a shot. We float downstream, controlling the speed and location of the boats with bow-mounted, electric trolling motors as we cover major stretches of river. Each cast places the flies in new holds, each holding promise to be the one that fairly explodes with a streaking steelhead. This is high adrenaline sport, and it is, without question, the most exhilarating fly fishing method available for steelhead. When and where conditions or client preference determine, we deep nymph and indicator nymph thereby rounding out our fall steelhead fly fishing approaches. Although late fall weather can sometimes test the mettle of guide and clients alike, the high quality of the fish and extraordinary fight they bring render fall Muskegon River steelhead fly fishing our guides’ personal fly fishing favorite.